A VIP Facebook group to support you on your Conscious Education & Parenting Journey!

With access to our VIP group you will receive:

  • Weekly LIVES to support you on your conscious education & parenting journey.
  • A library of resources- songs, stories, mindfulness
  • Mini workshops, explorations & advice
  • Q & A support for individualized guidance
  • Access to two conscious education & parenting experts.
  • A community of families on similar journeys.
  • Guest speakers
  • Be the first to know about our offerings (workshops, yoga & more).

Meet your hosts

Emily & Gill are leaders in the conscious education & parenting field. With varying degrees between them including Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood studies, Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Philosophy, and Masters in Special Education, along with additional qualifications such as children's yoga & mindfulness instructors, they also bring with them their unique experiences with education & parenting. Emily & Gill are both passionate about play and social & emotional learning in early childhood and have been supporting families on this journey for many years.

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This membership is for those who feel dedicated to nurturing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of children - and their families - and want to share the journey with others along the way.

From protective behaviours and harmonious households to exploring life’s big questions with children - this group is designed as a support network, a library, a wisdom sharing circle and collaborative learning space to reflect, learn and grow as parents and educators - together.

Because we weren’t supposed to do this alone!

Ultimately SEED should feel like having a cup of tea with a good friend - no matter how vulnerable, tired or frustrated you might feel - ALL of you is welcome here.

We aren’t about perfect parenting. We are about life long growing and learning alongside our children - via a philosophy that allows for learning through mistakes and taking inspiration from the natural world.

Seed is like the village that we don’t have these days! It’s amazing to have like minded mothers to turn too when we need it!  

Other mothers on the same parenting journey, so you can be guaranteed that someone understands and the advice comments given are always aligned with my parenting style.  

So grateful to be part of this beautiful community of mothers.


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