We Are Nature Playgroup

A time for families to slow down and engage in a range of learning experiences in a beautiful natural setting. The program will weave together art, nature crafts, sensory play, storytelling, music, mindfulness and yoga as well as many other child-led play and learning experiences. Playgroup sessions are designed to suit children aged 1-4 year and are hosted by a fully qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educator. Parents stay and enjoy the experience.

Kula Kids

An early childhood (kindy & pre-primary), homeschool, drop and leave community who aim to foster social relationships, connection with the natural world, empathy, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Kula offers a program that respects humans and their interactions with the environment. Our day is child led and adult supported trusting that children will thrive when given the time and freedom to play and explore within a community of other young people, with support from engaged, knowledgeable and helpful adults.

Born Wise Education

A homeschool drop and leave program for ages 5+ designed to give homeschooled children and families the benefits of time and space to explore a sense of learning beyond the home and family. A family/village approach to learning with multi -age groups and small numbers. An opportunity for your child to gain the benefits of project & play based, group learning. We see ourselves as a community of conscious learners exploring our interests, inspirations and ideas in a collaborative setting.