Our beautiful learning guides can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

In each learning guide you will receive:

We Are Nature Network Philosophy Guide

We Are Nature Learning Guide

A craft

A recipe

A storytelling audio to listen to or transcript to read

A play invitation

A songĀ 

Journal and reflection questions

Therapeutic art practice

A mindfulness practice

Reading and resource recommendations

Curriculum links (Australian & Western Australian)

Our Learning Guides are developed by an experienced team of passionate Early Childhood Educators and are suitable for children between the ages of 3-9 years- the whole family can be involved!

Individual Learning Guides

Sunbeam School

Water School

Air School

Dream School

Harvest School

Fire School

Cosy School

Shelter School

Wildflower School

Honey school

Earth School

Celebration School

Bundled Learning Guides

These Guides were designed to:

  • SUPPORT families and teachers with ideas, resources and inspiration to meet the curriculum via the natural world.

  • INSPIRE an entire generation to nurture a deep relationship with nature, community and self.

  • MAKE IT EASY for parents and teachers to provide learning experiences guided by nature.

  • NOURISH curiosity, wonder and awe (and therefore wellbeing)in connection to the natural world and our learning journey.

  • EXPAND the way we see education by welcoming the natural world as our classroom and as our teachers too.
We have created an open-ended, non-prescriptive learning guide designed to guide you to create learning experiences that suit your family's unique age/stage and interest.

We believe learning happens way beyond the boundaries of classroom walls and playground fences.

We have researched, curated and selected the experiences and resources we love to use ourselves with our own children.

We believe in nourishing these qualities because they are deeply connected with our sense of well-being. These qualities create healthy minds, bodies and souls.